IKN Authority: Investment in Nusantara's Capital City Attracts Interest from Many Countries

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08 Agustus 2023 14:22
IKN Authority: Investment in Nusantara's Capital City Attracts Interest from Many Countries
Bambang Susantono, the Head of the IKN Authority.

Kaltimtoday.co - Following the establishment of Nusantara's Capital City (IKN) in East Kalimantan (Kaltim), the demand for investment in the region is on the rise. Bambang Susantono, the Head of the IKN Authority, revealed that numerous countries have shown their interest in IKN.

However, Bambang has not yet specified the types of investments that have entered IKN Nusantara. During a press conference attended by the media, Bambang announced his plan to unveil the investment portfolio within the next two weeks.

"We kindly ask everyone to be patient for about 2 more weeks, right after the August 17th commemoration. At that time, we will disclose the investment plans to the public, especially those who are interested. Several investment companies are in the initial stages of development," Bambang said during a press briefing after the "Nusantara Goes to Campus (NGTC)" event at Mulawarman University (Unmul), Monday (7/8/2023).

Bambang also acknowledged that several countries have shown interest in investing in IKN. However, each country needs time to conduct feasibility studies regarding the types of investments they will pursue.

"We are also preparing various available lands, including land pricing. Each country must also consider on-site conditions before making decisions. This naturally requires time," Bambang continued.

Nevertheless, it is highly likely that within this month, the IKN Authority will monitor developments in IKN Nusantara. Development efforts will not only be supported by the State Budget (APBN), but also by private investments.

Bambang also mentioned several sectors with significant potential for development in IKN Nusantara, such as mixed residential projects, hospital facilities, schools, and park areas.

"We are also planning to build expansive parks. The presence of parks is crucial to maintaining open green spaces. We aim to create a comfortable place for the community to gather, enjoy beverages, and savor musical performances," he explained.

For reference, several countries that have shown interest in investment include Singapore, South Korea, the European Union, the United States, Japan, and China.

Overall, investment interest in IKN Nusantara primarily focuses on the renewable energy sector, smart city technology, and modern housing development.

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