AMAN Kaltim Rejects the Plan to Transmigrate 6,000 Residents of Yogyakarta to IKN to Improve Welfare

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31 Juli 2023 21:40
AMAN Kaltim Rejects the Plan to Transmigrate 6,000 Residents of Yogyakarta to IKN to Improve Welfare

Kaltimtoday.co - The National Indigenous People's Alliance (AMAN) Kaltim firmly rejects the government's plan concerning the transmigration program, which involves relocating over 6,000 residents from Yogyakarta to the Capital of the Archipelago (IKN) with the aim of improving their welfare. AMAN Kaltim's Chairman, Saiduani Nyuk, states that the government should seek alternative solutions if their intention is genuinely to improve welfare.

In a statement on Monday, July 31, 2023, Saiduani Nyuk, also known as Duan, expressed concern over the transmigration plan. AMAN Kaltim is aware that the IKN area is still rife with territorial conflicts, especially involving local indigenous communities. The presence of indigenous communities has been a significant unresolved conflict.

Duan asserts that the concept of relocating residents of Yogyakarta to IKN contradicts the principles of indigenous communities, which they have supported, namely the recognition and protection of indigenous rights. Currently, many issues remain unresolved, particularly concerning the boundaries of indigenous territories in IKN, which threaten the eviction of many indigenous villages.

"This situation not only poses a threat to indigenous communities, but hearing the latest news, it is people from afar who will be relocated to IKN, which is entirely opposite," says Duan firmly.

AMAN Kaltim firmly opposes programs that overlook the welfare and protection of local indigenous communities. Indigenous communities, who have lived for generations and have ancestral land, deserve respect and protection, rather than facing uncertainty due to the relocation of people from distant places.

In this context, the Special Region of Yogyakarta's Government stated that it will send its residents to IKN to improve welfare, especially those with agricultural expertise to become successful transmigrants. However, AMAN Kaltim believes that this relocation program carries the risk of conflicts and is less relevant because local communities also have the potential to manage agricultural fields.

According to Duan, the government must acknowledge that the local communities in Kaltim have the ability to farm and deserve equal opportunities. Furthermore, indigenous communities with ancestral lands also have the right to receive equal protection and opportunities as other citizens.


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